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Install and Integrate the Labelf Zendesk App
Install and Integrate the Labelf Zendesk App

Use this guide to install the Labelf app in your Zendesk environment

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The Labelf 'AI Ticket Tagger' app is accessible in the Zendesk Markeplace. With the Labelf app you can.

  • Automatically assign ticket field values or tags to all incoming tickets.

  • Cut down on your response time and resolution time with automatic ticket reply suggestions powered by ChatGPT

  • Analyse your ticket data and see what is driving volume, wait times and positive/negative customer feedback

If you face any problems in the steps below please reach out to us at or chat with us directly in the bottom right corner of this page.

1. Create an Account at Labelf and Generate an API token

We start of by creating by an account at Labelf by signing up here. After creating a user you will directly be taken to a screen where you can generate your API key. Copy this key.

2. Install the Labelf App From Zendesk Marketplace

Go to the Labelf app in Zendesk marketplace and install the app.

You will be prompted to provide the API key that you have copied.

3. Navigate to the App and Authorize it.

The Labelf app can now be found in the Support View in your Zendesk environment.

Before we can start to use the app we need to authorize the access between Zendesk and Labelf.

Click authorize Labelf and it will ask you to give Labelf your permission to look at and update your tickets.

4. Get started with AI for Zendesk!

The app should now be fully installed and ready to go in your Zendesk environment. We have multiple articles to assist you with this.

Here you can read about how to train an AI model that learns from how you have assigned ticket field value in the past and activate it to assign these values automatically to new tickets

If you wish to create a model that is based on a new logic for categorizing tickets this is the article for you. This will involve manually training a model in the Labelf platform.

Use the astonishing capabilities of GPT to respond faster and more consistently to your customers queries

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