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Install the Labelf AI app for Intercom
Install the Labelf AI app for Intercom

The Labelf integration for Intercom allows you to train AI classification models based on historic data. Use it for automation and analysis!

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What the Labelf AI Intercom app does

The Labelf app makes it easy to classify and analyze text content from your Intercom environment.

  • Extract chat data from Intercom and use Labelf to analyze and tag the conversations

  • ​Get answer suggestions from generative AI as notes right inside Intercom

How to use the app

  1. Log in and navigate to the "integrations" tab at

  2. Click on "Connect Intercom With Labelf" and follow the instructions. Once you have successfully connected will intercom. Your integration page will look like this:

  3. You can now head to the "Datasets" page and choose "+ Add dataset, then choose the "Intercom" option and follow instructions

  4. ​Then train a model on your Intercom data by going to the model page and clicking "+ Add a model". You can learn more about training models in this article.

  5. You can now go back to the integrations page and hit "Model Settings"

    In model settings, you can choose your new model and activate it to tag your Intercom conversations, triggered either on each reply, the first reply or when a conversation is closed. You can also choose the "ChatGPT (answer suggestions)" option which will add an answer suggestion to your ticket as a note (it will never reply automatically to the customer).

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