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Set up automatic ticket categorization in Freshservice
Set up automatic ticket categorization in Freshservice
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1. Go to your profile settings in Freshservice by clicking the circular icon in the top right corner

2. On the right side panel, there is a section saying "Your API key" and a "I am not a robot"- button below that.

3. Click that button and copy the resulting API-key.

4. Go to the integration page in the Labelf app and enter your API-key and freshservice domain in the Freshservice section. An example of a domain could be "labelf" as in ""

5. Go to your freshservice admin page and click "Workflow Automator"

6. Click "New Automator" in the top right corner and then click "Ticket:

7. Give it a name and click "Create":

8. As your triggering event, fill in "Ticket is Raised" and "Requester" in the "These events can be performed by" field. Then click "Done".

9. Click and drag the blue icon called "Action" onto the board:

10. Fill out the top part of the form in the following way, the callback URL should be:

11. The next part is authorization, Labelf AI uses a bearer API token to call the Labelf service, which you can add by providing custom headers.

Select "Inline Credential", then "No Auth", then check the "Custom headers" checkbox and add "Authorization" as the key and then "Bearer <Your API key from labelf>" as your value. To get a bearer API key from Labelf, you can visit the following page:

An example of what your input in the value box should look like :

Bearer Qh5Ts7ifixtBVtuj-xGjc8Tr4ji16D6bTYr3B5os.93zW62U_jIHa23v3aQJ5o2IuPz3qURbZA2gRuGPLTDQ

12. Now fill in the following JSON string in the last part of the form, but change <your labelf model ID> to the model if of your own Labelf AI model that can be found on the model overview page in You also need to change "Your Field Name" to whatever field you want to update in Freshdesk.

"text": "{{ticket.subject}}. {{ticket.description}}",
"ticket_id": {{ticket.id_numeric}},
"model_id": <your labelf model ID>,
"field_name": "<Your field name>"

It will look like the following:

If you don't see the "Encoding" part in the form, that means you have not changed Request Type to "Post" in step 10.

13. Now hit "Done" in the bottom right corner and then hit "Activate" in the Top corner and now all your incoming Tickets should be Categorized automatically. You can also add extra conditions if you don't want certain tickets to be Categorized by your AI model. In that case, put those conditions between the "Ticket is created" event and the "Trigger Webhook" event. Good luck!

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