Calling the API

Learn how to aquire a bearer token that you can use for calling the API

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Step 1: Get your client credentials

Navigate to the API section of and hit "Create new API credentials"

Step 2 (option 1): Aquire an API Token using button

You can generate an API-token directly from the frontend by pressing the "Create API-Token" button. This token will only show once, so store it somewhere safe and where you will find it again. You can now go on to step 3.

Step 2 (option 2): Aquire a Bearer Token using code or curl

You can also just save the client ID and client secret from the mid section in the image above and generate your own bearer tokens using curl or your favorite coding language. To do that, read the documentation for obtaining a bearer token on your own .

This way you can generate as many API-tokens as you want and also revoke unused or leaked ones. (You can also revoke tokens by revoking the whole client credential, this is possible even if you used Step 2 option 1)

Keep in mind that the client credentials will only be showed when you generate them, and make sure to store them somewhere safe. If you lose them, you will have to generate a new set of credentials. You can also revoke client credentials inside the app.

Step 3: Try hitting an endpoint!

Now go to the documentation for /models/{model_id}/inference to learn how to do some inference on your own deep learning model!

Congratulations! You are now a data scientist!

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