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Continue labeling on a new dataset
Continue labeling on a new dataset
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This guide assumes you have both your datasets uploaded.

Press new model on the model page.

Continue and select the dataset you have with labels

Here we click continue

In this view we can check train on labels from an existing column. This means that you can continue from where you've left of in your csv file.

Here it is checked. A new step appears that allows you to select a column with the label for the text. press continue to get to the next step

Here we have a category column which i select and continue

we now have a new model created from the dataset. Press overview to go to the new model.

In the model we can see connected datasets. Now its time to add another dataset to this model.

press connect additional dataset.

we select telecom support issues.

we select connect.

Now we have connected a new dataset to the model so if we continue labeling/training the model it will use the new dataset!

Now you can go to your dataset and download it using the model you created. Voila, it is now labeled!

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