If you are using Zendesk it is easy to start using Labelf for automatically tagging your incoming support tickets using your own custom AI models.

1. Get an authentication token from Labelf

Go to integrations section and hit the "Create API-Token" button:

Then copy the token, it will be used very soon.

2. Install the Labelf App in Zendesk

Install the app. During installation of the app, it will ask for the API token that you copied in the previous step.

3. Authorize

Click authorize Labelf and it will ask you to give Labelf your permission to look at and update your tickets.

4. Choose your Model

You can either choose an existing model in Labelf or create a new AI model from your historic Zendesk tickets and their ticket fields. To learn how to create a new AI model from your historic data, go to Train an AI model on your Zendesk data

5. Choose which Ticket Field to Automatically Update or Create a New Ticket Field

Here you choose which Zendesk Ticket field you want the Labelf model to update. If you don't want to use an already existing ticket field you can create a new field from the labels of your AI model.

5. Activate AI Tagging on the Selected Field with the Selected Model

Now hit the "Activate Model on this Field" button:

You should now have an entry in the "Active models" section:

Now the model it will update the ticket field you have chosen for incoming tickets. If you chose to create a new field, you might have to refresh the page in order to see the new field on your tickets.

Note: If the labels of your model does not match the field that you are trying to activate the model on, then you will not be able to activate the model. In that case you might need to create a new field using the "create new field option in the field dropdown, or go to the Labelf app and change the field values so that they match your Zendesk field, then redeploy the model.

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